Lunch is served Monday-Friday 11am-2:30pm


(Lunch served Tues-Fri 11am-2:30pm)


Chips & Salsa 4.99

Guacamole Dip sm. 7.99 lg 10.99

Queso sm 4.99 full 8.99

add Taco meat & Pico sm 7.99 lg 10.99

Flaquitos topped w/ queso 9.99

7 Layer Dip sm 9.99 lg 14.99

refried beans, taco meat, cheese, pico, sour cream,

guacamole & black olives

Quesadilla 13.99

Flour tortilla grilled & filled w/ seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken & cheese. Served w/ sour cream, jalapenos & guacamole

Add Chicken fajita 14.99 / Beef 15.99 / Combo 15.99

Just cheese 12.99 Spinach 12.99

Nachos (served w/ sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes & jalapenos)

Bean and Cheese 8.99

Super Nachos 13.99

Ground beef or shredded chicken, beans, cheese, guacamole. Add Chicken fajita 14.99 beef 15.99 Combo 15.99

Sloppy Nachos 12.99

Pile of chips loaded w/ your choice of shredded chicken or taco meat, refried beans, Queso, sour cream, guacamole & jalapenos

Add Chicken fajita 13.99 beef 14.99 Combo 14.99

Chili Cheese Fries 6.99


Served with shredded cheese, lettuce & tomato

Bean & Cheese 2.99

Carne Guisada 3.99

Seasoned ground beef 3.99

Shredded Chicken 2.99

Fajita Beef 8.99 Chicken 6.99

served with guacamole, pico, sour cream & cheese

1 Chalupa (Topped w/ lettuce, tomato & guacamole)

Double up for 4.00 more

Bean & Cheese 4.99

Ground beef or Shredded Chicken 5.99

Fajita Beef or Chicken 9.99

Best of the Best

Pollo Enrollado 19.99 ( allow 25 minutes cooking time)

Rolled chicken breast, lightly breaded w/ flour, sauteed, stuffed w. pico, bacon & Monterey Jack cheese, topped w/ cilantro sauce. Served w/ borracho beans & white rice

Margaritas Brochette 18.99

Charbroiled jumbo shrimp stuffed w/ jalapeno & monterey jack cheese wrapped w/ crispy bacon & served w/ creamy cilantro sauce

Terrys Avocado 13.99

Lg Avocado halved & stuffed w/ your choice of ground beef or shredded chicken covered w/ cheese & cilantro cream sauce. Topped w/ pico. Served w/ white rice & borracho beans. Chicken fajita 14.99 Beef 15.99

7a Loco Burrito Grande 17.99

12” tortilla stuffed w/ shredded chicken, ground beef, carne guisada, rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream & cheese, THEN topped w/ chili con carne & queso. Add Add Chicken or Beef fajita $2. Good Luck! (Fajita meat only is $5. up-charge)

Soup & Salad

Tortilla soup bowl 7.99

Taco Salad 10.99 (lunch 9.99/chicken 10.99/beef 11.99)

Fried crispy tortilla shell filled w/ ground beef or shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream & cheese

Add chicken fajita 11.99 beef 12.99

Cobb Salad

Chicken Fajita 12.99 Beef 13.99 Combo 13.99

Crispy romaine lettuce, cheese, bacon, avocado, olives & tomatoes (Lunch chicken 10.99 Beef 11.99 Combo 11.99)


Grilled Salmon

Salmon fillet grilled and topped w/ Margaritas special spices and butter caper sauce, served w/ white rice and borracho beans 16.99

Shrimp/Fish Tacos

Two shrimp or fish tacos, grilled w/ Margaritas sauce filled w/ shredded red/green cabbage, shredded carrots and topped w/ mayo, chipotle/ mustard sauce in flour tortillas

Shrimp 13.99 Fish (talapia) 14.99

Fried Shrimp 15.99

Breaded and fried served w/ French fries, lettuce, tomato and toast.

Fajitas and Steaks

26- Fajitas al Carbon

Beef or chicken fajitas topped w/ bell pepper & onion. Served w/ guacamole, Pico, sour cream & cheese.

For one Chicken 19.99 Beef or Combo 22.99

For two Chicken 35.99 Beef or Combo 39.99

For one Shrimp 21.99 for two 37.99

(Lunch 15.99) Beef or chicken fajitas served w/ pico, guacamole salad, cheese & sour cream

226a-Fajitas ala Mexicana

Beef, chicken or mixed fajitas sauteed together w/ bell pepper, onion, pico and cheese in Margaritas special sauce. Served w/ guacamole & sour cream

For one Chicken 19.99 Beef or Combo 22.99

For two Chicken 35.99 Beef or Combo 39.99

27- Vegetable Fajitas For one 13.99 For two 19.99

Grilled seasoned vegetables served on a sizzling platter. Served w/ guacamole,m cheese pico and sour cream.

31- Steak and Shrimp 24.99

Char -broiled skirt steak and Jumbo Shrimp topped w/ Margarita Sauce.

39- Fiesta Fajita For one 23.99 for two 43.99

Beef, Chicken & Shrimp & mixed vegetables served w/ guacamole, pico, sour cream and cheese.

Carne Asada 19.99

Beef Skirt Steak grilled to perfection topped w/ grilled onion & serrano peppers.

Kids Menu 6.99 (10 years or younger. Served w/ rice & beans)

1. Tamale-topped w/ Chile & cheese

2. Crispy beef or chicken taco w/ cheese

3. Bean & cheese soft taco w/ cheese

5. Chalupa-Bean & cheese/beef & bean or chicken & bean

9. Enchilada-beef, chicken or cheese

10.Chicken flauta-topped w/ guacamole& shour cream

11. Grilled cheese & fries

12. Burrito-bean & cheese

13. Cheeseburger & fries

14. Chicken Nuggets & fries

15. Cheese quesadillas

16. Beef or Chicken fajita & fries 9.99


Served with Spanish rice & refried beans. Add a cup of Tortilla Soup for 3.99

1 Flautas de Pollo 12.99 (Lunch 9.99 two flautas)

Three crispy corn tortillas filled w/ chicken & Monterry jack cheese, topped w/ guacamole & sour cream.

2 Special Dinner 12.99

Two beef, chicken or cheese enchiladas topped with Chile con carne & cheese. One beef taco w/ cheese & lettuce, tomato & guacamole.

3 Regular Dinner 11.99

One cheese enchilada & one tamale topped w/ Chile con carne and cheese.

4 Margarita Delight 11.99 (Lunch 9.99 no quac)

One cheese enchilada topped w/ Chile con carne & chese. Served w/ one beef taco & cheese.

5 Crispy Delight 11.99 (not served w/ rice & beans)

One bean & cheese chalupa & two crispy beef tacos w/ lettuce, tomato and guacamole.

6 Jalapeno Chicken Enchiladas 11.99 (Lunch 9.99)

Two chicken enchiladas topped w/ a mild jalapeno cream sauce & cheese.

7 Burrito Dinner 12.99

Large flour tortilla filled w/ beef or chicken, cheese & refried beans. Topped w/ queso. (Chicken fajita 14.99/Beef 15.99)

8 Carne Guisada Plate 12.99 (lunch 9.99)

Tender beef tips in a traditional rich spicy gravy. Served w/ letuce, tomato & guacamole.

8a Kally's Special 12.99

Two carne guisada enchiladas wrapped in flour tortillas & topped w/ queso.

9 Enchilada Plate 10.99 (lunch 9.99)

Two beef, chicken or cheese enchiladas topped w/ Chile concarne or a red sauce & cheese.

10 Crispy Taco Plate 11.99 (lunch 8.99 no guacamole)

Two crispy beef or chicken tacos, Served w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese & guacamole.

11 Tamale Dinner 11.99

Three tamales topped w/ Chile con carnet & cheese.

12 Green Chicken Enchiladas 11.99 (Lunch 9.99)

Two chicken or cheese enchiladas topped w/ green tomatillo sauce, cheese & sour cream.

13 Chimichanga Plate 12.99

Large flour tortilla stuffed w/ beef or chicken, cheese & refried beans. Deep fried and topped w/ queso. Chicken fajita 14.99 Beef 15.99

14 Summer Special 10.99 (not served w/ rice & beans)

Two beef or chicken crispy tacos topped w/ lettuce, tomato & cheese. Served w/ a chalupa topped w/ queso.

17b Enchilada Diablo 11.99

Two cheese enchiladas topped w/ pico & queso.

18 Spinach Enchiladas 11.99 (lunch 9.99)

Two soft corn tortillas stuffed w/ sauteed spinach, mushrooms & onions. Topped w/ a cream sauce & Monterey jack cheese. Served w/ white rice & borracho beans.

18a Matthew Special 12.99

Two soft corn tortillas stuffed w/ grilled chicken fajita, topped w/ jalapeno sauce, Monterey jack cheese & sour cream.


Cheeseburger and Fries 12.99

All beef patty w/ choice of cheese. Served w/ lettuce,

tomato, onion, pickle and French Fries

Chicken Fried Steak 12.99 (Lunch 10.99)

Breaded cutlet golden-fried, topped w/ gravy and served w/ fries, salad and Texas toast

Chicken Fried Chicken 12.99

Hand breaded chicken breast, goldne fried, topped w/ gravy and served w/ fries, salad and Texas toast

Chicken Strips 12.99

Hand breaded chicken breast strips w/ French Fries, gravy and toast

Chicken Wings (fries extra)

Your choice of boneless or bone in chicken wings. Sauces: Teriyaki, Lemon pepper, Garlic parm, Buffalo, Reaper,

Thai Chili, BBQ 6 for 11.99, 12 for 20.99 18 for 29.99


Pollo al Carbon 12.99

Charbroiled boneless breast of chicken w/ Spanish rice, refried beans, lettuce and tomatoes

Pollo Monterey 14.99

Charbroiled chicken breast topped w/ sliced tomatoes, avocado and Monterey jack cheese. Served w/ Spanish rice and refried beans

Pollo De Margarita 14.99

Lightly breaded and sauteed chicken breast topped w/ cilantro sauce, mushrooms and served w/ white rice,

borracho beans and salad

Closed on Mondays

Sunday 11-8 Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri and Sat 11-9


Cheese Cake 4.99 (ask server for flavors)

Ice Cream 2.99


Green Sauce, Cilantro, Chili con carne (meat sauce) and Jalapeno Sauce

Extras: Bacon 1.99|Grilled onion 1.99|Grilled jalapeno 1.99| Avocado 2.99


Refried beans 2.99|Spanish rice 2.99|Shredded cheese 2.99|Pico De Gallo 1.99|Tomatoes 1.99|Guacamole 2.99|Sour Cream 1.99|Onions .99|Borracho Beans 2.99

Unlimited soft drinks 2.99

20% gratuity automatically added for parties of 4 or more.